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Home Upgrades that Lower the Maintenance Hassles


Do you live in a house that is 10 to 15 years old? If yes, you probably have big-ticket items that should be replaced or repaired in the next few years. And, these can put off potential buyers when selling your home. If you make those repairs or replacements first, you can boost the asking price and make your house sell faster. Here are some of the home upgrades that lower the maintenance hassles and make a house sell faster. 

Re-doing the Roof 

You can recover up to 107% of the cost of roof replacement at resale. If your house sits at around $250,000, a new roof will bring you more value than a similar house with an old roof. So, if you want to get more money when selling your house, consider redoing the roof if it’s old and worn out. 

Pump Up Your HVAC 

When purchasing a home, most buyers want to know when the HVAC was replaced or installed. They also want to know more about the tank-less water heater. Replacing the HVAC can recoup around 85% of the total costs when you resell your home. 

Siding Replacement 

The siding of your house can influence the decisions of many potential buyers. So, if the siding of your home is not in good shape, consider replacing or repairing it. Most buyers are concerned about issues like mold and durability that are associated with some siding brands. Therefore, think about the brand of the siding that you buy and install on your home. Vinyl siding or fiber-cement can recoup between 63% and 76% of the costs during a resale. 

Although you want to upgrade your home, you don’t want to install something that will cost you more in maintenance. Therefore, consider these options when looking for home upgrades that will reduce the overall maintenance hassles. …