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How to Improve Construction Communication


Successful construction project completion requires effective communication. When you communicate effectively, you improve teamwork and project collaboration. On the other hand, poor communication causes delays, misunderstanding, and unnecessary issues. If looking for ways to improve communication in your construction project, these tips should guide you.

Develop a Chain of Command

Establish a command chain for all communications in your construction project. Typically, contract documents require communications between project owners and general contractors to pass through their architects. Architects communicate with the general contractors and consultants, while the general contractor communicates with subcontractors and suppliers. The primary contact point for a general contractor is the project superintendent. Nevertheless, contract documents like specifications, drawings, information requests, and change order forms are the basis for all communications.

Select an Effective Communication Method

People communicate in different ways during construction. But whether you communicate nonverbally or verbally, ensure that you have used the suitable method depending on the message. In most cases, people in a construction site communicate through meetings, hand signals, drawings, and signs. Also, construction workers take photos, compile reports, review change orders, and create information requests. Each of these communication methods has its pros and cons. Therefore, select the most effective way in every situation to simplify and expedite information exchange.

Listen Actively

When engaging in oral communication via phone or in person, listen actively. That means you try to understand the speaker and even take notes when necessary. Also, use nonverbal signals to show your understanding and maintain eye contact. Additionally, avoid talking over the other person or interrupting them. Instead, avoid forming responses and concentrate on what the other person tells you until they finish speaking.

In addition to these tips, maintain professionalism in all communications. That means avoiding slang that may confuse communications. Additionally, be concise and clear. …

Upgrades that Make a House Feel More Spacious


Talking with Jimmy and Arturo, and Arturo being the professional San Antonio Roofer, he shares his tips and tricks with us, and also explains that most people look for ample space when buying a home. Essentially, people want more square footage when buying or upgrading their homes. If you already have a home that you want to upgrade and make it feel more spacious, here are some of the options to consider. 

Finishing the Basement 

Finishing the basement means adding the heated square footage of your home. And, this can also increase the value of your home. An unfinished basement can increase the value of a home by up to $50,000. Your basement can cost between $18,400 and $34,000 to finish depending on its square footage. This project entails drywall installation, painting, and flooring. 

Opening Up the Floor Plan 

Most people look for partially and completely open floor plans for the dining room, living room, and kitchen. This arrangement ensures that the natural light gets to these spaces and make them more inviting. However, your home needs structural support. That means you should work with an interior designer and a contractor to open up the floor plan of your home. 

Essentially, experts will give bring in definitions between the spaces of your home. Therefore, don’t just pick up the sledgehammer and start working on this project. Without a definition, you will not know the space that you will end up with. 

Making your home feel more spacious entails adding the square footage of your home. This means you have to expand the current space of your home. And doing that can involve touching the major structures of your home such as the floor and the walls. That’s why you should hire experts for this project. To know what you will end up with, start by consulting a home designer or architect. Let them know what you’re looking for and your budget. Also, work with a professional and experienced contractor that understands your dream to achieve your goals. …