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How to Build a Home Foundation


 A building foundation is arguably an essential part of a home because it supports the other features. The entire structure won’t withstand heavy storms, wind, and other harsh weather elements if the foundation is weak. And this explains why you should build the foundation properly. Here’s how to build a home foundation.

 Decide on an Ideal Site

While deciding on an ideal site that your home will be, it’s essential to check the condition of the soil at the site. That’s because soil type determines the type of foundation you can build. Consulting a professional advisor or soil expert will help you avoid future problems that may occur due to poor decisions.


Surveyors give the go-ahead for the foundation to be laid right after determining the actual dimensions of the lot. And this helps you avoid future problems that may arise if you don’t consider the building’s dimensions before building the foundation.

Prepare the Area

After settling on your ideal site:

  • Work on clearing the ground off the vegetation and sticks.
  • Dig the area 2x the depth of the foundation and level the soil.
  • After excavating the soil, add gravel to keep moisture at bay and cover it with polythene, which is waterproof.


Hire an excavation contractor after calculating the footings and the foundation size. Choose an expert that knows how to excavate a ground for foundation laying purposes.

Installing Footings

Use pressure-treated timber and steel rods to strengthen the concrete. Before pouring the concrete, fit the forms into the ground. Let them remain in place until the footing concrete has cured.

The strength and usefulness of a foundation are highly dependent on the builder’s work. Also, the foundation requires adequate time to dry before proceeding to the next phase of a construction project. Nevertheless, choose a reputable builder to end up with a strong foundation. …